Time To Patch The Driveway

Posted on May 29, 2015

I went to visit my sister a few weeks ago. The winter frost had made her driveway into an obstacle course. I knew we needed to talk, but had to choose the right time to bring up the issue. We were walking out to get the mail when I mentioned her driveway needed a few patches. She admitted this was true but had no idea how to fix it.

We talked about different options. She said it was important for the rainwater not to form puddles. I told her to patch with asphalt because it is a permeable paving material. It would allow the water to go through and into the ground.

Once she had a direction, she sat down and began calling paving companies. It only took a few hours to find a company that did patching with asphalt. She had it done the next day. Now I can visit my sister without worrying my car will fall into a giant hole in the driveway.

Going Fast and Steady Online

Posted on May 28, 2015

Fast and steady is how my online senior dating life has been, since going online. It all began with a dare, my best friend actually challenged me to find someone compatible via an introduction website. Being a natural skeptic, I found the challenge at best annoying. So to match their challenge, I took it upon myself to fill out my very own user profile and then waited patiently. What was most unexpected, were the large number of responses I had, almost immediately. I guess there are a lot of single users that were looking to meet in my local area. Who would have guessed? Since I never look a gift horse in the mouth, I replied to a few of my responses and soon had my first online date penciled in my day planner. Since then, I have been on numerous first dates and even a few more serious ones, as well.